Security Policy

Limitation of Liability

We take information security seriously and make every effort to ensure both data transfer and data storage remain secure. However, we assume no liability and make no guarantee regarding data security. If you wish to transfer or store classified or other highly-sensitive files, use alternative means of file transfer. If you have questions about Velocity's security, please email

Secure File Transfer



Secure File Storage

Files uploaded to Velocity are stored on servers and disks in a secured data center.

File Retention Policy


Velocity is a file transfer service, and not a file storage repository where files are kept on a permanent or long-term basis. Therefore:
Retention Period

Extension of File Availability


If circumstances warrant, we may make exception to the file retention policy on a per-file, per-cabinet, or per-user basis. Please send exception requests to for review.

Copyright Policy

The NC State University Copyright Infringement site has a large amount of information regarding copyrighted material and copyright violations. It is the responsibility of the user who uploads content to verify that they have permissions to distribute materials through this service; any violations that occur will be treated in accordance with established University policies and procedures.

User Policy

The following is the policy you must agree to once every six months during the course of your use of this service:

Velocity users must agree to the following every six months:
I will not distribute copyrighted material through Velocity without obtaining all necessary permissions first.
I will not use Velocity to distribute spam, viruses or other malware.
I will abide by the university's computer use and copyright policies while using Velocity.
I understand that Velocity limits file retention time and storage space, and I consent to automatic removal of files I have uploaded in accordance with Velocity's file retention policy.
I recognize that the University provides Velocity on an as-is basis at no cost, either to the campus community or to those with whom the campus community interacts.
I acknowledge that Velocity will perform to a best-effort standard, but that the university makes no guarantees pertaining to performance, security or reliability of the service.
I agree to hold NC State and the operators of the service harmless should any problems arise when I use Velocity, including but not limited to:

This policy was last updated on October 5th, 2011.